Passionate about Classic Mercedes-Benz? Then Classic Mercedes is the magazine for you……

Welcome to Classic Mercedes Magazine, the quarterly magazine dedicated to bringing you the prestigious German marque’s best classics in the UK and from around the world……

We concentrate on the cars Mercedes made from the early 1950s, such as the famous 300SL Gullwing to the early 2000s and the last of the much loved ‘modern classics’.

We’ll be driving them, describing them, telling you what to look for when buying them, plus we’ll have other fascinating historical features such as on some of Mercedes famous engineers from the 1950s and 1906s, and from time to time coverage of the company’s golden years of motor sport success in the early 1950s.

No other title brings you so much on the classic Mercedes world, let alone the top class writing and excellent photography, all presented in a manner befitting the iconic status of Mercedes-Benz. If you love classic Mercs, you’ll love Classic Mercedes

Kind regards,

David Sutherland, Editor